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Our security consulting offers tailor-made solutions!

Our consulting focuses on our services in protecting people, building and events. These are our specialities. Each type of security service is different and this must be reflected in our approach. Every situation requires an individual and thorough analysis as well as a team of experts. It is the expert’s knowledge in security consulting that is used in elaborating tailor-made solutions. All security and safety standard are rigorously kept. We are reliable, honest and we keep up with the trends and challenges of the security market. Our comprehensive security consulting provides you with a carefree package. We strive to achieve the best customer orientated service possible. This is why we have a wide range of security services from a single source. Get in touch with us today so we can arrange for your own personal consultation. Let’s get started today with the consultation and planning of your security concept.

Our tailor-made security concepts based on our security consulting are made according to your needs and requirements.

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Gabel Security GmbH

Tailor-made security concepts – made to fit your requirements.

The goal of our company is to provide high quality security services that perfectly match your requirements and wishes.

  • We will continue to strive for staying ahead of competition by offering high quality and customer orientated security services.
  • We will keep up with the demands of the security market by offering additional services in security related areas.
  • The appearance and the way the Gabel Team presents itself help to improve the image of the security business.
  • We strive for a continuous growth based on customer satisfaction.

We fulfil the requirements, needs and wishes of our customers in security consulting. Our goal is to keep improving the high quality of our security services. This is achieved by getting feedback from our clients. The data gathered is used to document, measure and steer our security consulting services. We aim for a steady growth of our company by achieving high customer satisfaction. We set ourselves apart from other security firms by implementing transparent service processes in our company. This allows us to keep up with the demands of the security services market. We have added additional services to our core security services. People are our priority in everything we do. The appearance and the way the Gabel Team presents itself help to improve the image of the security business. We are respectable and adapt our dress code to customer requirements. Manners are very important and this is why we highly value our reputable staff. Feel free to get in touch with us today.