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Lock & Unlock services


We offer quality Lock & Unlock services. Gabel Security opens your doors.

Why Lock & Unlock services? Office buildings, shopping malls and storehouses have many doors. Providing a key to every single employee is a security risk. And if one of these keys falls into wrong hands, the costs can be immense. Reliable Lock & Unlock services provide security, by making sure that your premises are open – or locked – when they should be. The risk of unwanted trespassing is lowered. Our staff is reliable, punctual and trustworthy. They take their responsibility serious and will open your doors at any time. We provide you reliable Lock & Unlock services.

Our Lock & Unlock services have a personal touch. Gabel Security opens your doors.

Our Lock & Unlock services include:

Tailor-made security concept
Securing all type of doors and buildings
Carefree all-round security package
Flexible hours

We would love to hear from you:
✆ 030 – 219 842 80

Berlin based Gabel Security offers professionals Lock & Unlock services. We employ flexible and professional staff. Our staff carries out their tasks with the highest degree of responsibility. The quality of our Lock & Unlock services is very important for us. Our processes are carefully planned, implemented and measured. In order to achieve long-term satisfaction, we involve our customers in the planning process. We both are open to criticism but also pleased when you are satisfied with us. Call us today. Our team of experts will set up a security concept to ensure the safety of your doors and buildings. Let us open the door for you!