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Site Security


We provide client-tailored services for your site security. Control on a solid basis.

Site security is a must have. Damage and losses caused by theft or vandalism are good reasons for investing in site security. Especially in the construction phase, when the building is being erected, the interiors are unprotected. The need for machines and materials is at its peak during the construction phase. It is especially at night time that thieves steal these objects and ruin all the work. Loss of materials and machines can represent a huge loss for the builder. The aim of Berlin based Gabel Security is to ensure that the construction is completed without unnecessary losses or delays. Planning in advance your need for security staff in site security pays off. Our carefully selected security staffs that work in site security are punctual, reliable and vigilant.


Our site security offers custom-made solutions.
We take the time to find the best site security solution for you. Call us!
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We are a single source provider of many services in site security. These include mobile patrols, central surveillance and fire prevention. We keep you covered. A objective focussed consultation allows us to offer you a professional and effective service. All this, of course, without affecting your regular business activities. Our site security staff is skilled and experienced. They are punctual and communicative. We take extra care in selecting the right workers for the job. All surveillance is documented and unusual events are discussed directly with the staff on duty. In site security we attach upmost importance to quality. Our strength comes from our workers. Call us!