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Patrol services


Patrol services with insight. Our staff is your eyes and ears. Gabel Security sees all around!

Vandalism and theft are major concerns. Our specialized security and protection staff are specialized in patrol services. They use their skills and experience in their patrols. Increase your security by keeping away vandals and thieves. Our strategy consists in deploying security staff on specific times and days. Our services include the random patrolling by well organized patrol staff. Get in touch with us; we would love to hear from you.

Timely patrol services with reliable staff. That is Gabel Security!

For any question, feel free to call us:
✆ 030 – 219 842 80

Patrol services:

individual security concepts
Area patrols/ duty patrol / surveillance
Full functionality of the property remains assured
Holiday / vacation services

Your protection increases with the implementation of regular patrols and by expanding these. Our patrols are tailor-made, timely implemented and thoroughly documented. Our staff is acquainted with the area and takes their work very seriously. Regular controls allow for measurability and presentation of results. A small investment is enough to keep you protected. Give us a ring. Your experts for patrol services with insight!